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Family Fun Day by ACCA, co-Sponsored by MAC FCU

Ready for the most fun since school got out? Annual event hosted by ACCA. If I could only share 1 thing about this event with you it would be the ACCA employee laying on a huge beach ball. As she deflates it she says, “This is the hardest part of my job.” Her actual job? Screening children for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This organization does amazing things for families in needs, and a gathering like this echos their love for the community. For the 6th year in a row, they take over the school grounds at Denali Elementary in downtown Fairbanks for a free day of fun. Co-Sponsored by the following, including MAC Federal Credit Union who hired us to be there, we are seriously impressed with the community love. Add it to your calendar and keep your eyes peeled. Your kids will be disappointed if you don’t bring them along!