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Letters from Santa

Introducing “Letters from Santa,” a website for parents to order letters from Santa Claus himself from our next door neighbor in North Pole, Alaska.

The site specifics were pretty obvious. A magical interface where mom’s and dad’s can pick out their favorite style of letter for their children, signed by Santa himself. A quick check of the Nice list ensures that kids are on par to Santa’s expectations.

E-Commerce solution to order the letter, which notifies the elves and Santa and Mrs. Claus. Plus an email list sign up to ensure Santa and his team can send occasional letters to families with check-ins and opportunities to exclusive gifts and memberships.

You can imagine how happy we were to be a part of Santa’s very own tech-team, serving millions of people in the big, beautiful world. Sign up and send Santa a letter. Order a letter for your kids today!

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Working on a spot for Fairbikes, showing off the bike-sharing APP and ride system that brought comfort and cruising in one massive swoop to bike sharing prospectors of the interior region. If you’d like to share the joys of maintenance-free bike usage all summer long, the app is free, and rides cost either $6 per hour without a plan, OR $20 per month and $1 per hour for more active users. For a fun date along the river walk, or from A to B destinations. We love these bikes with baskets as an alternative way to get around. And a quick plug to Fairbanks Paddle and Pedal, a sister company, who uses Fairbikes in its summer day tour offerings for visitors to our great state.

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2017 Midnight Sun Run

More than 6,000 members of our Fairbanks community, along with guests the whole world over, joined at the starting line of the annual Midnight Sun Run in Fairbanks, Alaska. Before the traditional canon-fire start: a costume contest complete with entire families dressed in themes ranging from cartoon characters to their own thought out medley, a stretching session warm up led by the local Jazzercise team, and music from both the DJ Rocky and a live band.

This festive event is one of the highlights of our summer Solstice celebration at the heart of Alaska’s Interior calendar. In addition to the costumed runners are a select set of competitive runners, some using this race to qualify for the race circuit Alaska wide, including Mt. Marathon and others. And if that’s not great enough on its own, scholarships go out to 4 runners recently graduated from High School to support them in their college pursuits. Not limited to college athletes, this scholarship is a beautiful booster for the students.

Among the highlights:

We are looking for the drone footage taken at this year’s event. If you know the camera person, please CONTACT US.

OUR JOB: Capture the starting line runners from a strategic angle, above the starting line and far enough away to capture the massive amount of people waiting at the UAF starting location. Catch the best costumes during the costume contest, and the top 3 finishers in each of the men’s category and women’s. Have as much fun as possible at the peak of summer’s festivities.

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Used a 600 mm Tamron lens from up on a 12-foot ladder, approximately 150 meters from starting line.

See race results at Midnight Sun Run’s official website, and follow them on their Facebook fan page.

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Family Fun Day by ACCA, co-Sponsored by MAC FCU

Ready for the most fun since school got out? Annual event hosted by ACCA. If I could only share 1 thing about this event with you it would be the ACCA employee laying on a huge beach ball. As she deflates it she says, “This is the hardest part of my job.” Her actual job? Screening children for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This organization does amazing things for families in needs, and a gathering like this echos their love for the community. For the 6th year in a row, they take over the school grounds at Denali Elementary in downtown Fairbanks for a free day of fun. Co-Sponsored by the following, including MAC Federal Credit Union who hired us to be there, we are seriously impressed with the community love. Add it to your calendar and keep your eyes peeled. Your kids will be disappointed if you don’t bring them along!