E-Course Design and Teachable.com Review

Some thoughts about teachable.com

Using Teachable.com we launched an e-course called “Readiness Training, Fast Track to Freedom.” It walks you through a series of healing and empowering bible-based revelations which get directly to the root of personal trauma to alleviate negative thinking or actions and allow God to heal the viewer. Partnering with the Holy Spirit, Cathianna Rosenthal helps you go through the process of discovering any emotional signals that disrupt peace, to resolve and heal trauma for good. Her motto is “Get free and stay free.” In this synopsis we will evaluate the initial impressions of teachable.com as a course delivery software/web service.

E-Course Graphic Thumbnail for "Fast Track to Freedom" E-Course Graphic Thumbnail for "Readiness Training"


We were able to use the built-in template as a guideline for how to present our course offering to the world. Several factors with this interface make it less than perfect for any course designer from the most novice to the more advanced / experienced users.

Fast bulk video uploader
All necessary pieces needed to create and launch an e-course
Support time: ok, led to incomplete articles.

First: No Media folder storage, forced to re upload basic pieces again and again
No basic style guideline for graphics dimensions for each of their template sizes. This should be in a support article. Here’s one we made.
Clunky editor with no rollback “edit Undo” feature
Deep menus lead to confusion while learning administrative backside

Overall this will get the job done but interface could be improved. We chose this interface for the low cost and the coupon feature. We will probably migrate in the future.

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